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HealthWise at 5 From 4.14

  • Hylaform

Look for another wrinkle filler to make its way to your doctor's office soon. Hylaform, from Inamed Corporation, is made from Hyaluronic Acid, a complex sugar found in all living cells. According to the company, the gel is injected just below the skin, and replaces collagen that supports the skin. It absorbs over time, so repeat visits are needed. Preliminary approval from an FDA review panel occurred in the Fall, and full approval is expected soon.

  • Glistening Dangers

A simple study leads to a positive solution to putting a lid on the number of suffocation and poison deaths among toddlers. Researchers at the University of California say after studying babies and toddlers that those little people are drawn to shiny and glossy surfaces. In contrast, they say infants and toddlers seem to have little interest in stuff that has a dull surface. The study concludes that it's likely there would be fewer poisonings and suffocations if containers and plastic bags used dull finishes instead of shiny ones.

  • Big League Injuries

Racing the bases doesn't need to include big league injuries! With baseball season ramping up, orthopaedic doctors say all players need to warm-up before starting a game or practice. Catchers in particular need to watch out for back and knee pain. Kids on the pitching mound may develop an overuse injury before they even hit high school, so develop good pitching skills and don't over do it. And though winning is fun, it shouldn't be the only focus of the game since it may push kids to play harder and risk injury.

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