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The Eggstractor: Does It Work?

Here's a product claiming to be "eggceptional." Sorry, I couldn't help it. It's called the Eggstractor and it's supposed to end your egg peeling days. This product claims it can peel eggs in seconds! It costs $20, but Does It Work? Let's get cracking!

The product looks like a plunger, which creates power to push the peel right off!  To get started, the instructions say to take the small end of the egg and crack it on the piercer. Once you do that, then it says to crack the large end on the table a couple of time. Put the small end facing up on the hole. Put the Eggstractor over the egg, criss-cross hands and give it one good fast push. Whomp!!! In the end, we still had to peel away pieces of the shell that remained on the egg.

The product claims to shell the entire egg.   It didn't work the first time. Let's try it again. It was fun using it, I have to admit.

With all fun set aside, the Eggstractor never really lived up to its claims.  Each time, we still had to take off pieces of the shell. We've "eggsamined" this product and I'm "eggstremely" disappointed. It Doesn't Work!

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