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Food for Thought Report 4.15

A low score we haven't seen the likes of in a while brings the Food for Thought crew to a popular Lubbock Chinese buffet. But first, the good news, we start with a repeat top performer.

Taco Villa on 8212 Indiana Avenue turned up no critical violations this week. The fast food joint is our only Food for Thought top performer. Management tells NewsChannel 11 they try to keep the restaurant in tip top shape and they let employees know health inspections are crucial and health standards must be followed every day.

Food for Thought 4.15
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 4/15/04.

Our first low performer is George's Restaurant at 6914 82nd Street. George's had a total of four critical violations.

  • Diced ham found at 57 degrees (12 degrees above the required temperature of 45 degrees).
  • Raw chicken and beef stored next to ready to eat food items.
  • Food that was not date marked.
  • A handwashing sink blocked by various cleaning items.

NewsChannel spoke to a manager at George's Restaurant. She said they have purchased new refrigerators, all raw food is kept separately in one refrigerator, and they now datemark all food. The inspection shows all violations were corrected on site.

Our next low performer is Hong Kong Super Buffet at 4845 50th with eight critical violations. Their most serious demerit was for cold food stored above 45 degrees. An inspector found beef on a countertop at 50 degrees. Management says the problem has been addressed. Crew Leader, Joel Rouse says, "All the cooking personal immediately after they use the meat product, it goes immediately back in the ice box, not here on the bench."

Inspectors also found the walk in refrigerator holding at 62 degrees and raw chicken being stored above and beside ready to eat food items. Management showed us the temperature was back down and said they have instructed employees where to store food. Joel says, "The cooks, once again, were instructed do not do that. Everything must be over with a lid on it's proper side."

Further critical violations include: personal drinks placed throughout the kitchen, dented cans in the storage area, toxic items stored by food items in the kitchen and storage areas, and refrigerators that did not have thermometers. All eight critical violations were corrected on site.

Other violations included a soiled microwave, ice box, and can opener plus floors and walls. Management tells NewsChannel 11 that's not the norm. Joel says, "After the dinner hour when the kitchen is closed, we clean from the floor to the ceiling. Every bit of the kitchen is absolutely spotless."

Hong Kong Super Buffet's inspection also reported defrosting meat being stored on the floor. Management told NewsChannel 11 it was because the meat was delivered ahead of schedule during a busy lunch hour. They have made arrangements with the company that delivers the meat to make sure they only come during off-peak hours. They have also requested a follow-up inspection.

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