Sunday storms batter region with high winds, large hail

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A severe storm with strong winds and large hail caused damage across the South Plains on Sunday night, forcing residents to take shelter in Slaton, Wilson, Tahoka, and many other communities around Lubbock.

Property damage was reported across the region as baseball and golf ball sized hail smashed windows, damaged homes and dented vehicles. Strong winds blew down trees, while flooding and fog made many roads unsafe to travel.

Lubbock County emergency coordinator Clinton Thetford says about 900 to 1200 people were without power in south Lubbock County on Sunday night.

He also says there were two major hit areas including mobile homes hit on FM 41 just west of Highway 87, and the area between FM 179 and Woodrow Road.

A few miles just west of Highway 62/82 on FM 1585 there were a stretch of mobile homes that were hit hard by the large hail. "We started hearing this ping, ping, ping... and it just got bigger and bigger. The louder it got it more it sounded like gun shots or baseballs hitting the side of the house," said Trish Vanier, a hail damage victim.

Three of Trish's family's cars either had broken windshields or their back windshields completely busted out.

Just down the road Steven Roberts was boarding up his front windows that had been shattered by hail. "It was crazy. My kids were screaming and scared. We put them in the bathtub last night," said Roberts. "The noise was so loud that you just knew every time one of those hail stones hit your house it was just tearing it up."

Red Cross estimated that just in the area south of Woodrow Road and North of FM 41 that at least 80 people were effected by last nights storm, however they're saying no families have been displaced as of Monday evening.

If you need assistance from Red Cross you can call 806-765-8534.

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