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New LP&L Collection Fee For Delinquent Accounts

If an LP&L collector has ever visited your house for payment, it could cost you an extra $15.

"It will be customers that are delinquent and up for disconnection that we have to collect dollars for at the residence. If it's collected at the door, then that's when the fee applies," said Collection Supervisor Guyle Roberson.

"We're about to start assessing a $15 collection fee," told Kendall Stanaland, an LP&L Collections Agent, to one of the customers he was receiving payment.

Roberson says LP&L has written off $1.2 million of non-payments. They also have more than 10,500 delinquent accounts to deal with a month, and only three employees collecting those past due payments. "As time goes by, costs get higher and it's no different with utility companies. And for us to re-coop those costs, man power, gasoline, benefits and everything else just keeps going up."

"I suspect we're going to have to deal with customer complaint, a little bickering here and there. I'm hoping it will get people to be more prompt and pay their bills," said Stanaland.

Lubbock City Council is supposed to review the new collection fee proposal and vote to pass or fail it Thursday. In the proposal, the $15 collection fee is expected to generate $90,000 per year in additional revenue. If city council passes the request the new fee will go into affect May 1st of this year.

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