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Dead Body in County Leaves Unanswered Questions

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"As long as I know I'm turning my life around, that's all that matters, I know I'm going to do it." Just more than a year ago Linda Trevino Carbajal told NewsChannel 11 her hopes of escaping prostitution, now she is dead.

An Undercover Look at Prostitution in Lubbock
You may not see it in your neighborhood, you may not even think it happens here. But so far this year, 50 women have been arrested in Lubbock for prostitution. But these aren't just numbers, they're daughters, mothers, sisters, and little girls.

A homicide investigation began Monday with the discovery of the body of the 21-year-old Lubbock woman. Around 7:30 Monday morning, a man heading to work on County Road 5700, West of New Deal, spotted the body of Linda Trevino Carbajal. Minutes later, Lubbock County officials secured the area, and called for medical examiners on the scene.

So far, authorities have not released details besides the woman's name, a name familiar to NewsChannel 11. In November of 2002, Linda told us her story of survival on the streets of Lubbock. She explained that her life of prostitution began as a teenager when her mother went to jail. It was a lifestyle she said led to drugs and about forty visits to jail.

"It's very dangerous, I ask myself sometimes...I'm surprised I'm alive to this day. I've been through a lot, I've had my friends killed in front of me, I've seen a lot." said Linda Carbajal in a November 2002 interview.

At the time of that interview, Linda was 20-years-old, her life ended at 21.

If you have any information that could assist authorities, you are asked to call the Lubbock Sheriff's Department at (806) 775-1406. 

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