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Provisional Voting Fact Sheet

You are eligible to vote a provisional ballot if:

  • You claim to be an eligible voter, but your name does not appear on the list of registered voters, and your registration cannot be determined by the voter registrar
  • You have applied for a ballot by mail, but have not returned it or canceled it with the main early voting clerk
  • You vote during extended polling hours ordered by a state or federal court
  • You are registered, but are attempting to vote in a precinct other than the one in which you are registered
  • You do not present a voter registration certificate or any other acceptable form of identification
  • You are registered in the precinct, but your address is not located in the political subdivision conducting the election
  • You voted in another party's primary in the primary election

If you claim to be registered, but your name is not on the list of registered voters, the presiding judge shall call the voter registrar to determine if you are registered. If registration can be confirmed, and you can show identification, you may vote a regular ballot, or be directed to the correct precinct if you are in the wrong precinct. You may vote a provisional ballot, but you must be informed that it will not be counted if:

  • You registered in a different precinct
  • It is indicated on the voter registration list that you voted by mail
  • You have no identification

Texas does offer a limited ballot, but it is not considered a provisional ballot. Limited ballots are available if you have moved from one Texas county to another and are registered to vote in the former county of residence, but your voter registration in the new county will not be effective by election day due to the 30-day required period between registration and the election. This limited ballot is available only during early voting by personal appearance or by mail. The limited ballot contains only offices or propositions to be voted on statewide, or offices or propositions of territorial units of which you were a resident both before and after you move. 

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