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Consider This...VOTE!

Early voting is underway for local City and School Board elections. There are big differences in some of the candidates and that makes the stakes high for you and me.

The good news is it is you and me that get to decide. This year is particularly confusing because there are two election in May. One on the 12th and one on the 29th.

So let's make it simple and deal with them in order. There are seven contested races for City Council and School Board including the Lubbock Mayor.

Whoever ends up in these offices will make decisions about our lives. Decisions that will effect your safety, your electric rates, your water rates, and our children's education.

Needless to say we need to chose wisely.

Consider this:

Voter turnout in the last city election was less than ten percent. Ten percent! Out of 150,000 registered voters in Lubbock County, only about 15,000 of them decided who was elected.

That's pretty pathetic. It's time those other 135,000 voters find out about the candidates, get informed and show up and vote. It's just too important to all of us.

Early voting for the City and School Board races ends in less than a week. The election is May 12th. Take advantage of your right to decide and vote.

Don't be one of the ones that will let someone else decide who will represent you!

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