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Vivid Reminder of Serious Message

Suspended 40 feet above the ground is a wrecked Chevy Camaro tacked to a billboard. It’s a grim reminder from Tx-DOT for all of us to buckle up. The sign reads they buckled up and lived. That's because the two gentlemen who were in this car crash are alive because they were wearing their seat belts.

The wreck this Chevy Camaro was involved in happened in Austin in October of 2000. The driver lost control of the vehicle wrapped it around a tree but amazingly both passengers were not ejected from the vehicle because the seat belts they were wearing kept them safely inside. Crash investigators say seat belts are the reason the two men survived.

The unique ad went up last week and is already attracting lots of attention from Lubbock drivers.
”My first reaction was probably nobody got out of it and then I read the sign and it said they had seat belts on so it made me want to wear mine more often,” said Buck Welty, a Lubbock Motorist.

“People have called the office and said I saw the billboard and it's having what it's designed to do. They are realizing that this is real and it’s gonna save my life and maybe some folks will say ok, and I think it's having a marvelous effect," Sergeant Ronnie Sowell, Lubbock Police Department.

The billboard is an early reminder to buckle up. Lubbock police and DPS troopers will be out in full force for the Click It or Ticket campaign May 23rd through June 6th. Violators will receive a ticket and a fine up to $500. More importantly, buckling up could save your life.

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