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Woman says man beat her unconscious in Lubbock park

Baldo Gonzales Jr. (Provided by Lubbock County Sheriff) Baldo Gonzales Jr. (Provided by Lubbock County Sheriff)

A Lubbock man is behind bars after a woman says he beat her unconscious in a Lubbock park.

Last Friday, Lubbock police arrested 20-year-old Baldo Gonzales Jr. and charged him with aggravated sexual assault.

The victim told police she was so scared for her life after she had been beaten unconscious that she consented to having sex with Gonzales when she woke up.

In the arrest warrant, the victim told police she had known Gonzales for several months and that he was a known member of the Latin Kings gang.

She says last week Gonzales came to her friend's house where she was visiting. Gonzales told her he wanted to talk, so she left with him.

She told police he drove to Mackenzie Park and continued going down a dirt road to a wooded area. She then says Gonzales asked for her cell phone. The arrest warrant says she told Gonzales she didn't have it with her, and that's when he started to get angry.

The victim says she got out of the car and tried to walk away, but Gonzales punched her in the jaw and chest. She then tried to run a second time, but Gonzales pulled out a blunt object from the trunk of her car and began beating her with it.

The victim told police the last thing she remembers before falling to the ground unconscious is seeing Gonzales throw the object in the water nearby.

The arrest warrant then states the victim woke up at her home with a different shirt on. When she asked Gonzales why, she says he told her there was blood all over her other one. She says Gonzales then said he wanted to have sex.

The victim told police that she was so terrified that she consented to having sex for fear he would beat her again. Afterward, the victim says she acted like nothing was wrong and Gonzales was taken home.

The arrest warrant also says the victim told police Gonzales' father and uncle are part of the Texas Syndicate crimes gang, and that she was scared Gonzales or his father would kill her and her family.

Gonzales is being held at the Lubbock County Detention center on a $150,000 bond.

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