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The Load N Cut: Does It Work?

Tackle tough weeds using one tough tool! This product is called the Load N Cut. It has thick nylon strips that are very durable. It costs $20. The makers claim it's incredibly easy to install and fits onto any weed trimmer, but Does It Work?

Eric Hyatt was nice enough to help. We tried installing the Load N Cut on a Black And Decker. "Oh, it's not going to fit!" Eric finds us a second weedeater from his neighbor. He was able to secure the Load N Cut just fine, but there was another problem. It wouldn't start.

So in attempt to find some gas, Eric bloodied himself by scaling a fence. Now a second helper, Eloy Garcia, comes to the rescue. At this point, we're on our third weedeater.

Somehow, Eloy manages to fit the Load N Cut on the third weedeater. He started it and tore it up. But then, the Load N Cut came loose. OK Eloy, it's time to break out your new weedeater to finally do this test! "This has got to work this time."

But it didn't take us long for our fourth weedeater to fail us. The bolt in the package didn't fit the new weedeater. "Oh well, we gave it our best shot. This is the fourth one," said NewsChannel 11. "This is the most up-to-date one. You figured it would work (or the bolt would fit!)" said Eloy.

So Eloy did what any frustrated man would do with this product. Trashed it. It took us two hours to come up with nothing.

My advice to you, don't buy it because it Doesn't Work.

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