New photo shows possible tornado from Sunday storms

Source: Ben Holcomb
Source: Ben Holcomb

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We're getting a look at new evidence that supports the National Weather Service decision Sunday night to issue a tornado warning.  A photo by Storm Chaser Ben Holcomb shows the outline of cloud dropping down from the sky to the south of Lubbock shortly after 9 pm.

Another eyewitness KCBD NewsChannel 11 spoke to says he also saw it. "I know for a fact I saw a funnel cloud about a half a mile south from me," said David Jones. "When the lightening lit up I saw it bouncing."

Homes south of Lubbock, especially along roadways such as F. M. 41 and F. M. 1585 suffered major damage from baseball-sized hail and high winds.

Whether there was actually a tornado that touched down, Jody James with the National Weather Service says we may never know.

However, James does say that even if there was a tornado its winds would have only been about 60-70 mph, barely registering as a tornado. He says the straight line winds were the ones that did the damage reaching 80 to 100 mph.

"In the long run, in terms of impacts, it doesn't matter if there was a tornado. Straight line wind damage caused a lot more damage than tornadoes do in the country," said Jody James.

Regardless, it was a night many will not soon forget. "It certainly was a big event for Lubbock County no doubt," said James.

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