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Smylie Wilson moves toward standardized dress; more to follow


Another Lubbock ISD campus is moving toward standardized dress. So could uniforms become a trend district wide?

Smylie Wilson Middle School will start enforcing the dress next school year. LISD says other elementary and middle schools are on board to follow.

"It's not all about who is wearing what. We are here to learn," said Smylie Wilson Principal Cindy Wallace.

She explains the standardized dress is not a uniform, rather it gives students a choice.

"There are four or five different colors to choose from. There are also different colors of shorts, pants or capris," she said.

One reason, she says, the school adopted the wardrobe is to limit clothing issues. We watched a student cover up holes on her jeans Wednesday. Wallace says other research shows, "It took away the variations in economic levels and improved campus morale," Wallace said.

Marcus Clark experienced it all. He is currently an 8th grader at the middle school, but he transferred from a Dallas school with standardized dress.

"I was actually happy I was wearing this because I'm looking nice. People were saying I'm looking nice. So it actually brings your confidence up," Clark said.

Clark comes from a single parent family. He says buying the attire cut costs for his mom.

"You can go to Academy, Wal-Mart, Levines," he said.

Last year, Dunbar College Preparatory Academy instituted a similar dress code.

"One parent told me you can equip a child with standardized dress for 100 to 120 dollars," said Dunbar principal Dr. Brian Yearwood.

Since students starting wearing the clothes, he has seen bullying dramatically decrease.

"Students saw the individual for who they are, not what they are wearing," Yearwood said.

Clark agrees. He wore a gold polo with black pants Wednesday. Even without making a fashion statement, he is getting compliments.

"They said you look good in it, and I was like thank you," Clark said.

Lubbock ISD says it is up to the principals of each school to implement the standardized dress. Several elementary and middle schools are planning to implement their own programs, although LISD would not give us names at this time.

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