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Lubbock is barking for their own dog park


Dog lovers all over the hub city have long awaited a place for their pups to play. Now, a nationwide contest may give Lubbock a dog park.

The pet supply company "Pet Safe" is holding the Bark for your Park contest. They are offering $100,000 to the winning city for their very own dog park.

25-year old Laura Mata is a dog owner that thinks Lubbock's four-legged friends deserve a place to call their own. That's why she nominated the city.

"Everyone loves their dogs and wants a dog park. The response has been pretty tremendous," Mata said.

Mata has been busy passing out flyers and spreading the word on Facebook. The contest is vote-driven and gives people the opportunity to vote twice a day for their city, once on their web site and again on their Facebook page.

"Out of 162 cities, we're in the lead. It's a voting competition, so anything can happen," Mata said.

However, votes aren't the only way to obtain the doggy dreamland. In order to make it to the finals, the city must have the support of local officials. There also must be a designated area that the park will be located in. 

"We have to get the mayor involved, the city manager, city councilmen and everyone in the community," Mata said.

City Councilman Todd Klein is a dog lover himself and believes it's about time Lubbock gets a pooch only park.

"For anyone that wants to take their dogs off the leash in an appropriate, safe, healthy, social location, a dog park could fit that bill," Klein said.

Klein has been working on bringing a dog park to Lubbock for sometime. He believes winning this contest will definitely speed up the process.

"This opportunity fell into our laps as a possibility. Maybe we can get lucky and work hard enough to get that money," Klein said.

However, Klein said a dog park is in Lubbock's future whether we win the contest or not, he just encourages people to step forward and vote.

The contest began May 1st and the finalists will be announced on June 15th.

For more information or to vote, please visit

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