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Landmark Ovary Transplant

In what is believed to be a medical first, surgeons have transplanted a healthy ovary from one woman to her infertile, twin sister. Of course, she's not pregnant yet, but what a milestone already.

Surgeon Dr. Sherman Silber from St. Luke's Hospital in St. Louis says the twins were ideal candidates for this.

"They were identical twins, genetically identical twins, so that we didn't have to worry about rejection or immunosupressive drugs," says Dr. Sherman Silber, St. Luke's Hospital.

The twins live near each other in their hometown of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Melanie has three girls of her own, but Stephanie couldn't get pregnant because she went through premature menopause at age 13.

Now, after what appears to be a successful ovary transplant, doctors are hoping that in a few months, Stephanie will be able to get pregnant naturally, with the eggs she'll produce from her sister's ovary.

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