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City Hall Hopes to Fight Colon Cancer

Nationally, 147,000 men and women will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year and approximately 57,000 will die from it. The good news is colon cancer is very preventable because it can be spotted early in screening tests.

That effort was on the agenda at City Hall on Thursday. Mayor Marc McDougal issued a proclamation that 2004 be named the year of colon cancer prevention and awareness in Lubbock. Oncologist Dr. Davor Vugrin was standing close by to offer his support and to explain what needs to happen this year.

"The population at risk is approximately 56,000, so it's a big task. We are recommending the population to undergo screening according to American Cancer Society guidelines," said Vugrin.

The ACS suggests that men and women begin regular colorectal screening at age 50, unless you have polyps, bowel disease, or a family history of colon cancer, then your doctor may want to start you earlier.

For more information on the different screening methods to find colon cancer, you can call the American Cancer Society.

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