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Who Killed Espiridion Garcia?

"When's the last time you spoke to your sister?," asked NewsChannel 11. "Last night, but she really didn't say anything," said Elena Vargas. She is tired of waiting. Five weeks ago her 17-month-old nephew, Espiridion Garcia, died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head.

Homicide, said the medical examiner's office. But to date, no one has been arrested. Elena believes her own sister, Maria Vargas, the boy's mother, may be to blame. "Yeah, and her boyfriend."

Armando Lomas, Maria's boyfriend, was at home when the baby stopped breathing, and under heavy suspicion by Maria's relatives. "I'm hoping that he gets locked up for it, 'cause I know that he had a part to do with it," said relative Erma

Relatives say Armando tried to blame Espiridion's death on Maria's two daughters. "So the boyfriend was trying to place the blame on the two little kids," asked NewsChannel 11. "Yeah," said Vargas. "And how old are they?," said NewsChannel 11. "5 and 2," they answered.

Authorities say the case is an ongoing investigation. But as more time passes without an arrest - Espiridion's relatives, including his grandmother, wonder when someone will be held accountable. "We just want justice," said Rosa Pena.

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