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Naked maids cleaning up after national exposure


Controversy is still brewing over a Lubbock startup company that offers naked services.

Authorities tell us Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service is operating illegally, because they don't have a permit. Yet police won't investigate until they receive a complaint. So far they have not received one. You might be surprised to know the business is actually thriving and it's not surprise it has people talking.  

"I think if it's safe and consensual, people have the right to behave in any way that they wish," one man said.

"I think some of them are desperate enough so they would do anything for money," one woman said.

Since our story aired a month ago, it caught the eye of newspapers and TV stations around the world. Even Jay Leno cracked a joke on the Tonight Show.

"We actually had problems with our phone lines, because they were so busy for a while," Owner Melissa Borrett said.

Both good and bad reaction, Borrett says, it has allowed her business to grow from a few customers to hundreds.

"Right now I have four girls on the website and another one that should be coming up soon," she said.

Because of the demand Borrett acquired an investor. That has allowed her to sell her services via the Internet.

"They're great at parties serving drinks, dealing card games and they clean up while they are at it," Borrett said.

She says some people asked for guys, so she added butlers. Her newest one is Leo.

"I felt like the women in Lubbock were missing out on some of the fun," she said.

The eyebrow raising services is exactly what advertising expert, Mack Owen, says created an interest that didn't exist.

"As far as branding goes, you have to have a unique service, which they do. And a unique message, which they have. I think for them it's just making sure they remind people that they exist," Owen said.

However, two out of three new small businesses fail before they reach 10 years, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. To stay on the map, Owen says, it is critical they actually do a good job, whether it is washing dishes or serving drinks.

"Long-term are people going to want this service in their house? Let's talk again in a year," he said.

From waitressing at a strip club to owning her own business, Borrett says, the future is bright. Her next step is to expand. Her first city? Houston.

Borrett says they have at least five appointments booked each week. She says their biggest clientele is Levelland.

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