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Line Dancing for the Dream

About 250 people lined up for a healthier lifestyle at the American Legion hall in Lubbock Saturday.

The line dancers participated in "Dancing for the Dream", which is a charitable program that mixes a social activity with a healthy outcome.

Scooter Lee is the creator of "Dancing for the Dream" and says everyone should have at least a little bit of exercise in their life, especially those over the age of 50. Lee says that introducing line dancing to seniors encourages a more active, healthy lifestyle.

"It's a very social thing. The difference is when you are younger, even if you have never danced before, you have the ability to learn very fast, and so you become an experienced dancer really, really fast. After the age of 50 we kind of slow it down just a little bit. So we do it more for health reasons as well as social and fun. As you get older you realize it's just a healthy thing to do too" said Mrs. Lee.

Scooter adds, "You need to find a class that you can lean to line dance. First it helps with centering. We teach dances that you can turn without losing your balance because that's something that happens as you age. You turn too fast you'll fall over. Line dancing is great for helping you with centering and balance".

"You know we've got someone in America turning 50 years old every seven seconds; we have 8,000 a month turning 65 years of age around the world, and so we need to take care of them health wise and it increases energy", stated Mrs. Lee.

The "Dancing for the Dream Foundation" raises money to help fund research on the benefits of line dancing in those over the age of 50.

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