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Community steps up to help man rebuilding his home for the third time


We all know how powerful West Texas winds can be, but they really hit home for one Lubbock man. Piles of wood and nails are all that is left of the home Stan Ladd has been building for his family, and if you can believe it, this is the third time he will have to rebuild because of the winds. But because of the help of nearly a dozen complete strangers, that process is going to go a whole lot faster this time around.

"He just told me that, he wasn't really asking if I wanted help, he was just letting me know if I showed up sometime and somebody is here working that I'd know who it was" Stan Ladd said about Brian Winn, who organized a crew to help out. "We saw need, we've all been watching this house go up and when it blew down it kind of hit all of us" Winn said.

"It's frustrating, incredibly frustrating, and annoying" Ladd said about the latest destruction. For the third time this year, Stan Ladd is rebuilding, but for the first time ever, he has some company. "This is the cool thing about West Texas aside from the annoying wind is I mean you have people like this - I don't know any of these guys" Ladd said about the dozen or so people helping him rebuild.

Ladd is a single dad, from the west coast, raising two little kids, while working, and building them all a home. Their first step Saturday is starting over. "This reinstates your faith in human kind" Ladd said. "Everybody's having a good time out here, any time you get to do something that helps somebody, everybody is in a good mood" Winn said about the crew. "The whole idea is to basically try to salvage what we can and rebuild it" they agreed.

The Hub City community really showed this California native what southern hospitality is all about. "People are showing up and donating equipment, we had people offer cranes to lift the house up, the whole nine yards, meals provided, just amazing. The whole community stepped up" Winn said.

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