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$30 Million Bond On Ballot for Lubbock

The city's bond package includes a total of 26 major projects all over Lubbock. It ranges from streets, to parks, to the animal shelter, to public safety. Improvements the city considers a necessity, but requires your vote.

The bond election ballot has seven propositions. You will vote for each one individually by simply marking "for or against."

2004 Bond Election Breakdown
The City of Lubbock's bond package includes 26 projects. Here's the cost of each project broken down for you.

The city's bond package includes seven categories. Now, the city is interested in renovations and improvements in certain areas of the city. For instance, under streets, the city wants to reconstruct the intersection of 34th and University.

The bond also includes approximately $1.4 million of improvements to the Civic Center. Also, a $1 million renovation to the Animal Shelter. If you remember, the shelter is in desperate need of a new roof and other upgrades. Two little league baseball parks, MLK and Midwest are on the list for three new baseball fields a piece for a total cost of $3.3 million.

Mike McDougal is in charge of educating the public about the bond issue. He says a Citizens Advisory Committee originally had to sort through a list that totaled an estimated cost of $75 million , but finally limited the list to projects considered the most important. "They went at this project by saying - how much capital improvement bonds can we issue without effecting the city's tax rate. That was $30 million," said McDougal.

Early Voting Locations
Early voting for May 15th elections starts April 28th and ends May 11th.

If each of the seven propositions pass on the bond election, NewsChannel 11 was told your taxes would not increase. "The city has bonds now. We have Capital Improvement Bonds from years past. Every year, some of those bonds get retired. These bonds are essentially replacing debt that the city already has," said McDougal.

If the bond does not pass, then the projects will not get done. City Councilman Gary Boren says they will have to look for the money elsewhere, which could effect taxes.

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