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Tragedy on Country Road Kills One

Franklin Burton stood stunned on the side of the road. "He's pretty well shook up," said co-worker Serafin Martinez.

A quarter to four, the intersection of FM1264 and CR 5800. The rear portion of Burton's modular transport truck collided with 47-year-old Thomas Michael Hammond's vehicle. Hammond was killed instantly.

Martinez says he saw Hammond approaching the intersection at a high rate of speed. "He was flying man," he said.

"Was speed a factor," asked NewsChannel 11. "Possibly so. It's still being investigated. So it hasn't been determined if it was a large amount of speed or if it was the posted speed limit that he was travelling," said DPS Trooper John Gonzalez.

Upon impact the cab was sheered off. Remnants of windshield left behind. The truck then careened into the home of Joanne Bryson. "She was sitting where the lamp was?," asked NewsChannel 11. "Yeah, right next to it," said neighbor Calvin Norman, called by Bryson to watch the house while she went to the hospital. "She just said a truck ran into the house and she was going to the hospital," he said. Just 12 feet from the point of impact, incredibly, authorities report only minor injuries for Bryson.

Coherent but dazed, Burton was driven home by co-workers.

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