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Campaigns for City Seats Turn Up the Heat

A day before early voting gets underway in the City elections, two City Council hopefuls push a public safety issue in front of voters. It started with a political flyer and now there's a TV ad that is raising the question, "has the mudslinging begun?"

District 4 Candidate Phyllis Jones has a spot that talks about fellow candidate Dan Burns. You'll remember we talked to Burns last week about a flyer he sent to potential voters that says our Fire Department is using outdated equipment. After it was addressed at the Council meeting last week, Burns said maybe he chose a harsh word, meanwhile Jones says this is an issue.

"I received the mailer, my husband and I both received one in the mail and when we received it I was just really quite shocked at one of his issues about the fire department using worn out outdated equipment and I knew that was incorrect," said Phyllis Jones.

The ad says, "The facts are since 1996 $2,690,000 have been spent to upgrade the Lubbock Fire Department."

Do you think your ad is in any way mudslinging? "No, I don't. It's the facts. The Mayor has said it is wrong. Our current City Councilman has said it is wrong. The Fire Chief has said it was wrong and I say that the facts are wrong," said Jones.

Dan Burns says, he has no plans for a counter ad, and plans on sticking to the issues.

"I entered this race with the whole thought of serving the community and my campaigns focus from the beginning has been to listen to the cares and concerns of the folks in District 4 and represent those and that's what we'll continue to do. We want to stick to the issues regardless of what other people do because the issues are what's going to move Lubbock forward," said Burns.

Both Jones and Burns say they will continue to stick to the issues throughout their campaigning. Jones' is just the first ad to hit air, and Burns' ads will start later this week.

Other candidates running for the District 4 seat, currently held by Frank Morrison, are Todd Overholser, Chris Gallarneau, and Casey Brown-Myers.

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