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Lubbock Group Wants To Start Alcohol Petition

If you've lived in Lubbock long, you'll know that Lubbock has been dry for more than 50 years. It was up for a change during an election in the early 1970's, but that failed. And here we are again. Mayor Marc McDougal says if an issue like this has generated so much talk, maybe it should go to the voters again.

A Texas Tech group of students is ready to take on the petition to change Lubbock's 50 year-old dry status. "I would love to see alcohol being sold in the city limits," said Anne Hunninghake, External Vice President of Student Government Association.

She and a student community committee want beer and wine to be sold in convenient and grocery stores for two major reasons; convenience and the city's opportunity to collect on extra tax dollars. "I think it needs one group to bring it to the forefront. I think a lot of people will get behind it," explained Hunninghake.

In February, when NewsChannel 11 did an in-depth story about alcohol sales within the city limits , Mayor Marc McDougal says he predicted that a petition would be drawn by the end of the year.

"It doesn't surprise me at all. There's a group out there ready to take this on. It's been a subject that's gotten a lot more heated, a lot more phone calls, a lot more inquiries. Really, since February since you all did the story, it has snowballed from there," said McDougal.

The Mayor told NewsChannel 11 that if it came down to a city-wide election, the student committee would need to collect at least 14,000 to15,000 signatures from registered voters. The student committee plans to meet Wednesday evening. They say they want to have a petition circulating by September.

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