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Texas Tech track stars robbed at gunpoint

Olivia Lewis (Provided by TTU) Olivia Lewis (Provided by TTU)
Tara Thomas (Provided by TTU) Tara Thomas (Provided by TTU)

Two Texas Tech track stars say they were robbed at gunpoint this morning around 4:45 a.m. Tara Thomas and Olivia Lewis were getting ready to meet the team at the airport and head to the Big 12 championship in Kansas. The incident happened at the University Pointe apartments.

Thomas, a senior sprint runner from Dallas, was waiting in her car for Lewis when an African American man approached her and demanded she hand over her purse. She thought it was a joke until she saw the gun.

"I thought he was playing, I thought he was somebody I knew because it was unexpected. Then he was like, this is not a game and he put a gun in my face," Thomas said 

Thomas said she didn't have a purse and offered her car and cell phone. However, she says the man didn't believe her.

"He kept asking where my purse was and I kept saying I didn't have one. He kept telling me I was lying. So he said I'll shoot you in the face," Thomas said.

Lewis then came down the stairs and another man, who's face was also covered, cut her off. This man was demanding the same things from her.

"Olivia walked down the stairs and he told his friend or his buddy to get her," Thomas said.

The man eventually took the phone from Thomas as well as some credit cards. Lewis handed over her birth certificate and social security card.

The two men then fled. The girls contacted the Lubbock Police Department who are still investigating. No arrests have been made at this time.

Both men were identified as African American and they both had blue bandanas covering their faces. One man was wearing a purple TTU hoodie and the other was wearing a plaid shirt.

After giving their statements, the girls headed to the airport to board the plane with their teammates. Both Thomas and Lewis are still shaken up, but will not have to run until Saturday.

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