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The Laser Straight: Does It Work?

What if you could hang pictures without using a tape measurer? Here's a product that could help you. It's called the Laser Straight. It shoots out an eight to nine foot straight red beam that gives you picture hanging guidance. It cost $10. But Does It Work?

The Country Framer co-owner Charlsie Eubank said we could hang a few pictures in her gallery for the test. Charlsie put in the batteries. Then we stuck adhesive on the back of the Laser Straight. It came with it, so you can stick the product on the wall. Except, ours didn't stick very well. We think it was because of the wall's material.

We proceeded with the test, shot the red line, and looked to see if it was straight. It appeared to be straight to us. "I'm putting the nail on the red line," said Charlsie. She hung the picture and guess what, it was straight! We used the bubble in the leveler to check.

Each time we hung the pictures, we had it straight and balanced. The leveler certainly helped us straighten things out. "I think it would help me in hanging in my own home. I think it's going to help us in the gallery too," said Charlsie.

If the pros like it, you know this has got to be a straight "a" product. It works!

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