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Chili peppers may help melt away beer guts

The heat of chili peppers may help melt away a beer gut. This comes from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, where researchers have been studying an ingredient called Capsaicin, the stuff that gives hot peppers their heat. They applied tiny cloths soaked with a capsaicin solution directly to the nerve around the stomachs of lab rats. Researchers say this destroyed nerve fibers that send signals from the gut to the brain, triggering weight loss in the lab rats. Dr. Ali Tavakkoli said,

"By selectively disrupting these signal that pass from the intestine to the brain, we have been able to change the way food is absorbed in the intestine".

If this proves effective in humans too, researchers are hopeful the heat in peppers could become a surgical alternative to bariatric surgery. It would still require surgery to apply the substance to nerve fibers, but in a much less invasive procedure than bariatric surgery.

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