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Home invasions cause spike in Lubbock gun sales


Recent reports of violence in Lubbock have led to an increase in local gun sales. So how safe is the Hub City?

The perception is the city is unsafe. So we asked the Lubbock Police Department for the crime statistics of burglaries over the past three years. On average, there are nearly 200 a month. The number seems alarming, but the statistics show burglaries are down.

In April there were 224 break-ins. That month last year there were 240. March of this year there were 176. That's compared to 204 in March of 2011.

However, the latest home invasions and shootings are causing concern.  Just one week ago we heard the terrifying story of a woman hiding under her bed, while a gunman beat her brother.

"I figured they would find me under the bed and shoot me," Terry Losoya said as tears rolled down her face.

While she is recovering, others are finding comfort in their hands behind the trigger.

Sharp Shooters sales representative, Matthew Barnes, says they have received dozens of calls. Some people are mentioning the string of violent activity.

"We had a gentleman call this morning saying the home invasions were scaring him and his wife," Barnes said.

Because of the increased demand and election season, Barnes says, some guns are hard to come by.  

"We have one particular handgun where we have 25 people waiting to get," he said.

Sgt. Jonathan Stewart says using a gun in your home is legal under Texas law, as long as you're not a felon. If you want to carry it concealed, you will need a CHL (Concealed Handgun License).

"A person is allowed to use deadly force to defend themselves against someone who is trying to use deadly force against them," said Stewart.

However, police advise using that force could have ramifications.

"There may be some liability if someone else is recklessly hit by a bullet or something along those lines," said Stewart. 

As for burglaries, Stewart says, that type of crime is not usually random.

"There is normally some previous contact or previous happening that can lead up to these types of things," he said.

Police advise if you are being burglarized to always give up your possessions. They say no property is worth losing a life.

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