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Petition Drive May Pave Way For Packaged Liquor Sales

Lubbock man Roger Settler wants packaged beer and wine sold in Lubbock. He applied for an application for a petition this week. Settler says he'll be circulating that petition next week.

Roger Settler is the second person to express interest in changing Lubbock's alcohol policy. He wants beer and wine to be sold at convenient stores and grocery stores. But theres a catch. He's looking for it to be sold in one part of town. "There's been a lot of plans wanting to develop North and East Lubbock. "So far nothing has really happened," said Settler.

Settler is petitioning for alcohol to be sold in Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct Three. Settler needs to secure 2,785 signatures of registered voters before the county will call an election. But if he wanted to make the change city-wide, he would need at least 14,000 signatures. "We believe the over all attitude of the city the churches the people that have opposed this in the past have changed. We feel there's more community acceptance now than ever before," said Settler.

So how do the people of Precinct three feel? We asked them. "Why not leave it where its at out out the line? We don't need it here," said one man. "If it came to a vote, would you vote yes or no, and why? " asked we one woman. "I'd vote no because there would be more crime." We asked another man, "So you're saying that alcohol sales on this side would be good because it would be convenient? Sure, not only that, monetarily- it would bring money in the black community," he said.

Settler plans to start circulating his petition next week at some of Lubbock's polling places. He hopes to get enough signatures in support so he can have an election called in September. Settler is the second person to challenge Lubbock alcohol sales.

We first told you earlier this week that a group of Texas Tech students are looking to start a city wide petition to have alcohol sold all over town.

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