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HealthWise at 5 From 4.30

  • Dementia Risks

What hurts your heart may end up hurting your head. New research in the Journal Stroke is linking heart disease risk factors to an increased risk of age related memory loss. The study of 11,000 people found those who had cardiovascular risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes in middle age were more than twice as likely to have dementia later in life. Researches say the findings add to a growing body of evidence of the link between cardiovascular health and the health of the aging brain.

  • Seasonal Reproduction

Your birthday may play a role in the size of your family! New research suggests a woman's birth month may influence the number of children she has. The study of 3,000 Austrian women finds women born in the Summer months, June through August, have fewer children than those born during other seasons. Researchers say it's still a mystery why Summer babies seem to have fewer children, but the findings support research performed decades ago that found the same seasonal reproductive connection. Studies in men have found a different seasonal effect with those born in the Fall months having the fewest number of children. You can read all about it in the Journal Human Reproduction.

  • Salty Talk

Though best used in moderation, salt is the one ingredient most cooks use to punch up flavor in foods. But with so many options in salt today, do the more expensive gourmet-type salts add anything extra to your nutrition? According to the University of California, Berkeley wellness letter, salt is pretty much salt. Though some claim to be rich in minerals, most often after cleaning and processing, they are all the same. And, though famous for Iodine, most salt doesn't contain enough, so processors have to add the essential mineral.

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