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City of Lubbock Discouraging Illegal Dumping with One Man Task Force

Code enforcement officials say more junk has been dumped on this site than anywhere else in the city. A few months ago the area was filled with everything from furniture to electronics, even some appliances. This area was an eyesore. Now, it's been cleaned up and part of the reason why this place is cleaner is due to a city worker who's made it his goal to crack down on illegal dumping.

"As far as investigations like these, there's just one, that's me," says Jaime Coy with City Code Enforcement. He's the one man task force behind illegal dump cases for the City of Lubbock.

A large stack of folders is only the beginning of almost a dozen investigations he's started on illegal dump sites. "Everything with illegal dumping is kept in here," says Coy.

Letters, photos, reports and even prior violations. "This is an additional duty I take on because it's important," says Coy.

With several cases to crack, Coy tackles them one by one. "We have to do it one at a time because of the one that's the most frequent, that's probably gonna be more likely you're gonna catch somebody," says Coy.

And what may sound like a losing battle with just one man on this unsightly investigation team, Coy's efforts are working. "We're lucky we got this cleaned up, real lucky it got cleaned up."

The most active site discovered last September, has become almost dormant. Coy installed warning signs and surveillance cameras to discourage dumpers. "When we first put the sign up at the northeast site, dumping stopped. There were TV's out here. There were bumpers, sheet rock, everything you could possibly put in a landfill was put in this one spot and now it's gone," says Coy.

WEith positive results from his illegal dumping campaign Coy is quick not to take all the credit.

We asked Jaime why he keeps saying "we". He replies, "Yeah that's true, but I'm speaking on behalf of the city." Coy says he has about 10 other code enforcement officers who help him track down illegal dump sites.

You too can help the city crack down on illegal dumping. You can call (806) 775-DUMP to alert the city about any suspicious illegal dumping activity or if you know of a dump site in your area.

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