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More Healthier Options from the Fast Food Industry and Your Local Grocer

KFC, Wendy's, and Blue Bell Ice Cream are now offering low carb options to entice you.

First, they changed the name, now KFC is changing its menu. You remember, KFC launched an ad campaign last year emphasizing that fried chicken was part of a healthy diet. Well, that flopped. Now, they're on to Plan B, and according to a report in USA Today, this time they really are bringing in some healthier items to bring back some customers. The new menu will include oven-roasted chicken in boneless strips, in wraps, and salads. Look for KFC's healthy side to be in place May 10th.

Meanwhile, Wendy's is jumping on the low-carb bandwagon. Actually, they've always provided bunless burgers, but now, it's actively promoting the alternatives to those who may be counting carbs. The promotion is called "meals for carb counters" and Wendy's is trying it out in six markets, none in Texas yet. Meals feature either a cheeseburger or grilled chicken on lettuce, no bun with a side salad and medium diet drink. The new meals may cut carbs, but the prices will be about the same.

And who says you can't enjoy ice cream with a low-carb life style? Blue Bell is now offering low- carb ice cream called Creme de Carb. With just four grams of net carbs, Creme de Carb is sold by the pint, so they won't let you over-indulge. So, what makes this ice cream low carb? It's sweetened with Splenda which has no calories, but it also has some healthy benefits. A pint has over 35% of your daily calcium. Creme de Carb comes in three flavors, Mooolenium Crunch, Vanilla, and Chocolate. Doesn't that sound moolicious?

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