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Lubbock Drivers Failing to Stop for School Busses

It sounds unbelievable. "You're telling us that people willingly run past the stop sign?," asked NewsChannel 11. "Yes, they do," said Durham School Bus Official Randy Bullard, referring to the sign affixed to school busses. She and her colleagues have had it with scofflaw drivers. "What we have to worry about is if the kids cross in front of the bus we take the risk of that child getting hurt," she said.

"When we put our reds on people are supposed to stop," said Joe Carrera. He's been driving for just a year, but has already had more than his share of red light runners. How often does it occur? "On a daily basis," he says.

Our briefing the bus barn finished, NewsChannel 11 set up a camera on Frankford Avenue, between 22nd and 27th. Two drivers in just 10 minutes, completely ignored the school busses.

"If the reds lights are flashing, it is state law to stop for a school bus at any time," said Bullard.

While the majority of drivers obey the law, it is the disregard of those few drivers which seems to negate the efforts of everyone else. "We just want everyone to know that they're responsible for their safety also," said Bullard.

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