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Fans Flock Ticket Venues for Shania Twain Tickets

Chilly temperatures didn't stop Shania Twain fans. Hundreds of people of all ages stood in line Saturday morning to buy tickets for her June 26th concert. But with tickets available at Select-A-Seat outlets and United Supermarkets, are long lines a thing of the past? NewsChannel 11 went to United Market Street to find out.

Whether you're online, on the phone line, or standing in a line, waiting in long lines for your concert tickets may be a thing of the past.

"None of the lines seem that long, but with as many sites as they have with Select-A-Seat, it's hard to tell how quick it's going to sell out," says Steve Daughtry.

But it didn't stop die hard Shania Twain fans from making it an all night event.

"There were people out in blankets at Ralph's, so this is a bad night to do that," he adds.

400 floor seats at the United Spirit Arena sold out within the first hour of ticket sales, and even though cold weather may have affected the length of ticket lines, it didn't discourage those true Shania fans.

At United Market Street, just more than a dozen fans waited in line Saturday morning. Manager Bryan Ohnesorge was surprised at the turn out.

"I was expecting it to be a lot busier, but it wasn't quite as busy as Aerosmith," he says.

The first in line, Max Walden, showed up at 5:00 a.m. to wait for his tickets.

"I've had breakfast twice. I even got up before McDonald's did this morning," says Max.

But when it was time to pay for his tickets, he encountered a problem. United usually accepts cash only for ticket sales, but Saturday, an exception was made.

"We decided that checks would be okay because there were several people in line that did have checks and not cash," explains Steve.

And it must have been worth the wait, Max landed some tickets on the second row.

"Several of our customers that were in line (Saturday) got seats on the floor," says Steve.

"I'm outta here, I'm outta here," exclaims Max.

Shania's stop in Lubbock is part of her world-wide Up! Tour which began in September.

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