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Botox recommended for cronic migranes

Officials in Britain have taken a bold step with Botox actually recommending those injections for the treatment of chronic migraines. Britain's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence says Botox appears to be a logical next step for those whose migraines have not responded to three other treatments.

Dr. Mark Weatherall said, "It won't work for everybody, but i know for a significant proportion of the people i'm able to give this treatment to now it will revolutionize their lives. It will significantly reduce the number of headaches they get."

Patient Karen Conville said, "Before I had the Botox, you know I was lucky if I got one or two days without headache in a month. Now I have about 15 days without headache every month on average with the Botox. So to me it means I've got half of my life back."

The Botox injections will go into the head, and need to be repeated every few months.  It's well know that those injections relax the muscles in the forehead.  But no one knows exactly why that helps relieve migraines in some people.

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