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HealthWise at 5 From 5.3

  • Gonorrhea Resistance

A study by the Centers for Disease Control finds the number of men with gonorrhea who no longer respond to antibiotic treatment has more than doubled in the past year. The rise was highest among gay and bisexual men. Researchers say the findings show that drug-resistant gonorrhea is becoming a rapidly emerging health concern. They are recommending doctors treat gay and bisexual male patients with a stronger antibiotic given by IV, instead of the standard pills. Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection of the reproductive system. It's easily spread through unprotected sex.

  • Colon Health

A major medical journal recently published recommendations to help identify patients with a DNA mutation that's linked to an inherited form of Colorectal Cancer. As many at 15% of colon cancers are hereditary. The new guidelines advise testing all colon cancers for the MSI Mutation. Families of patients testing positive for MSI are advised to keep tabs on their colorectal health since they may have inherited the same genetic mutation.

  • Multipurpose Cane

A cane isn't usually alarming, but this one comes complete with its own directional and security systems. The multipurpose spotlight cane from MS Global sheds light on the path in front of you with a light in the handles, as well as a flashing light to alert others. An emergency alarm will also sound if you happen to fall down. The lightweight cane also has a compass to keep you on the right path home. For more information ( click here ).

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