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West Texas Farmers Get 2004 Growing Season Underway

A record 8 inches of moisture in the ground and warm temperatures, has set the stage for farmers to plant the perfect cotton crop. The only question was when. At sunrise Monday morning, farmers decided today was the day. Now, 30 miles north of Lubbock we found a father son operation who have spent their whole lives waiting on this day. 

"This will be my 45th crop and I was raised on a farm out here and that's all I've ever done and all I've been around," says Doug Ellison whose dedication for farming is both rare and refreshing. Two traits he's passing on to his number one farmhand, his son, Cooper. "We get along good, as long as I get to make all the rules," Doug laughs.

All joking aside they take their jobs very seriously, working side by side for almost 30 years. "We plant together, we harvest together but he has different farms that are his and I have mine and we have some together," says Doug.

In all it's a 4,000 acre father-son farming operation. "It's been a good operation, good relationship.  I've learned alot," says Cooper. Gaining knowledge from the best possible resource, Dad. "He's a farmer he's a hard worker and that's what he does he has to adjust to the situation but he's been through all of them," says Cooper.

As both farmer and father figure Doug has plowed through life and cotton fields longer than Cooper.  But that doesn't take away from the admiration he has for a son and a fellow farmer. "He does a real good job. He is very conscientious and has a good work ethic and he's a good farmer and he can do this without me I am sure," Doug says.

Cooper says that's because he's learning how to save money and grow cotton from the best. "We've got a very good start now if the weather will just cooperate the rest of the way it's a long row to hoe but we're looking forward to it with this moisture," says Doug. 

Due to record rainfall many farmers say they have saved thousands in prewatering costs. Getting more rain during the growing season will also help them on irrigation costs if mother nature cooperates. The Ellisons plan to have all of their cotton in the ground by May 15th.

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