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Water Exercise

Water aerobics is a little tougher than it appears to be at first glance. It revs your heart, burns calories, and allows stiff, sore muscles to move more easily.

"If you have arthritis or something like that, it's wonderful. You can really stretch and get the exercise with the resistance and everything, whereas you wouldn't do it if it was on the land," Joan Galasso, a water walker, says.

"I had a lot of knee problems and it was very hard for me to exercise on land and this really helped me tone up my muscles," Sue Peirce, a water walker, says.

"Working in the water is just wonderful. It's less stress on your joints. And I find I can do things in the water there is no way I can do on land," says Pierce.

Sometimes water walkers are in deep water wearing belts that allow them to float. Others stand in the shallow end and get a more vigorous workout than it appears.

At any rate, instructors will tell you that water exercising is not just good for losing a few pounds, but it can be therapeutic for runners, athletes, or anyone who is recovering from an injury. It can also be a great prescription for stress.

If you'd like to know more about water exercise, there are two places in Lubbock that offer that. You can call the YWCA at (806) 792-2723 or Covenant's Lifestyles Center at (806) 725-4386.

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