Michelle Follis Pays It Forward: 05/14

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This week's Pay It Forward starts out near the intersection of 50th Street and MLK Boulevard. We set up with our "Pay It Forward" sign seeking our next playmaker.

After a couple of minutes, Michelle Follis spotted our sign. Michelle had someone in mind immediately. One of her co-workers suffered an injury at work recently. His name is Will Edwards and she knew he could use some extra cash.

Will was receiving workers compensation, but it wasn't quite paying the bills. Michelle spoke highly of Will and wanted to do something more to help him out.

Michelle leads us to Will's house. When we arrive, Will is down the road at a friend's house, but he quickly returns home where Michelle surprises him with $300.

Will is deeply touched and surprised. He is speechless at first, but then expressed gratitude that Michelle would think of him and his family. Will told Michelle thank you and Michelle encouraged him to hurry back to work soon! Afterwards, Michelle said it felt good to do something for a fellow employee while he was recovering from his injuries.

Be looking for our "Pay It Forward" sign soon! You could become our next playmaker!

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