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Animal Services in Need of Improvements

It's no secret the Animal Shelter is in desperate need of a new roof and numerous other upgrades and Lubbock Animal Services Manager Jamey Cantrell says he is hopeful this bond election will pass, so improvements can be made.

"We would like to use it to either build a new facility and use part of this facility that we have that is still in good shape and then that way we could get rid of some of the older parts of the shelter. If that's not cost effective for us then we could renovate the existing areas," said Cantrell.

Cantrell says the shelter was built in the 1960's and at the time was designed to round up animals, then kill them.

"We don't like doing that we want to find as many of them new homes as we possibly can, and so we just have some very basic design problems in the shelter. Disease transmission is not properly addressed here because of how the building was built," said Cantrell.

One of the many problems in the shelter is the shared gutter. When they wash out the kennels and feces have bacteria or a virus, it's easily spread to other animals in the area.

So the shelter is holding an open house for voters to come tour the shelter, to look at the conditions first hand. Meantime, they have more than 100 pets ready for adoption.

"We have dogs of all shapes and sizes. All breeds that you could imagine, pure breeds, mixed breeds it runs the gamut."

This week the shelter is participating in international Adopt-A-Thon week, they have special rates for all animals up for adoption and they are open from 10am to 6pm. Lubbock Animal Services is located at 401 N. Ash.

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