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Provisional ballots put Jackson in Levelland mayor's seat


If you ever thought your vote didn't count, listen to this.

Waymon Jackson took on Levelland's incumbent mayor, Bo Bowman for the office. The voters went to the polls on Saturday May, 12th. When the ballots were tallied, Jackson led the race by 51 votes. However, that still didn't give him the 50% plus one vote that he needed to win the race.

Both candidates were prepared to face off again in a runoff in June, but there were provisional ballots that had been cast on Saturday that had yet to be counted. Provisional ballots are cast on election day, but they need to be verified to make sure the voter is actually registered to vote.

On Tuesday, 4 out of the 10 provisional ballots were verified. They all listed Waymon Jackson for mayor.

Jackson needed exactly 4 votes to take the election, so Levelland has a new mayor who won with 50.03% of the vote.

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