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City Council Candidate Comments on Proposed Ordinance

The Wednesday night flooding of the Park Tower Apartments at 1617 27th Street has brought the issue of public housing inspections to the forefront of one City Council race.

Tuesday night, District 1 City Council Candidate Cloetta Shotts suggested that the city adopt an ordinance that would make home owners, landlords and apartments keep their buildings up to code before another occupant moves in.

Wednesday, Shotts' opposing candidate in District 1, Linda DeLeon, tells NewsChannel 11 she doesn't want to scare Lubbock citizens with an ordinance.

"Code enforcement should not be used in a forceful way, where our citizens are frightened. It should be something we have in place where we go after absentee landlords," said DeLeon.

DeLeon also said the city must first deal with the problem of a lack of funding in tearing down buildings the city has already condemned.

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