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Food for Thought Report 5.6

Three Shallowater schools scored a slam dunk on their health inspections this week. Health referees called no fouls on all three. Actually, no local schools or restaurants met the criteria for low performer. Four local restaurants were also on top of their game.

Food for Thought 5.6
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending

Our first top performer is known for their Cajun cuisine. Jazz's Louisiana kitchen at 3703 19th street scored zero critical violations. Their neighbors just around the corner at 3702 20th street also share the spotlight. Spicy meals aren't all Thai Pepper serves up. They're also proud of a kitchen with zero critical violations.

The Pizza Hut at 2109 19th street also had a perfect score, as did the Alternative Food Company at 2611 Boston Avenue.

That brings us to the proud home of the State Championship Mustangs and Phillies. Shallowater Independent School District wears a triple crown this week with three top performers. For Shallowater Intermediate School on Avenue K, it's their game plan and a bit of coaching from Aramark food service company that keep the whistles from blowing. Bill Tredennick, Aramark's food service director says, "We do internal inspections, internal safety and a lot of different things to keep ourselves abreast of what needs to be corrected if there's problems."

Bill says Shallowater ISD's strengths lie in their team members and their attention to detail. All workers wear gloves and hair nets and they know how to prevent cross-contamination. Kitchen manager Josie Gauna, says, "I'm just real proud of the ladies. They really work hard and everyone in Shallowater, all the managers and staff."

The staff at Shallowater Elementary School on Avenue J also shot the ball through the net and scored zero critical violations. The staff at Shallowater High School did the same. They are the district's third top performer.

Shallowater Middle School just barely missed the buzzer to become Shallowater ISD's fourth top performer this week. They had just one critical violation. A label fell off a bottle of bleach. All toxic items must be properly labeled and stored.

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