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Strange lights in Lubbock sky raise questions

Sightings are all in the south Lubbock area between University and the Interstate, from 82nd to 98th Street. Sightings are all in the south Lubbock area between University and the Interstate, from 82nd to 98th Street.

Strange glowing blue lights flying up and down, side to side and sporadically disappearing and reappearing in the night sky…this is what many south Lubbock residents say they've seen over the last few weeks.

After taking several calls, emails and Facebook posts, KCBD decided to check it out and see what was behind these mystery lights.

Keith Mowery was just one of many who spotted the blue lights about three weeks ago at his shop off of 87th and Avenue P. "My buddy called me and said you need to get outside right now," said Keith. "It was just the oddest thing. I've never seen anything like it."

Keith quickly grabbed his video camera and started to record the lights in the south west sky. "It came down, went into a circle and started blinking," he said. "It was just a round ball, and when you zoomed in on it you could see a blue cloud around it."

While Keith says it was much too high to be an airplane, he had no explanation of what he witnessed. "I couldn't really make sense of it because I'd never seen anything quite like it before. I heard later on that other people saw it, and it wasn't just me. So I realized I really wasn't crazy and hadn't been sniffing too many gas fumes," he laughed.

In fact around the same time and in the same area several others had witnessed the same mysterious lights. The internet exploded with videos and blogs reporting the sightings. Plotting the locations of these reports it showed the lights had happened in a small centralized area from Interstate 27 to University Avenue and from 82nd Street to 98th.

KCBD set up cameras to try and catch the blue lights, but after about 30 minutes no strange sightings. So, we took the viewers videos to the experts.

Dr. Maurice Clark, a professor of astronomy at Texas Tech, has been in the field for 50 years, and over the decades he's witnessed some strange sightings for himself.

"It's the color I find intriguing," said Clark studying the videos.

As he looked them over, he came to a not-so-strange conclusion. "If it's a lot of people in the one area only seeing it then that leads credence to somebody flying a model plane," he said. "Its movements are consistent with that of a model plane."

Remote control model gliders or planes with lights equipped to their wings have been the center of other mystery lights across the U.S. and it could very well solve the mystery to our local lights.

Clark says he's not 100% sure that's the case, but when it comes to the mysteries of the Universe he says that's just the way it goes. "That's why they are called unidentified flying objects, because we just don't know," he laughed.

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