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The Search for Joanna Continues

"Joanna we want you home," said Joe Rogers, whose daughter has been missing for almost a week. 16-year-old Joanna Rogers, disappeared in the middle of the night last Tuesday. "We love you Joanna, we want you home," said her mother.

Last Friday, a massive ground search. Rows of sheriff's deputies combing fields. On Saturday, a call comes in from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Joanna is added to the ranks.

"We're asking all the branches to put them in high traffic areas," said American State Bank official Susie Moore, posting a flyer at a drive-thru after a customer came in asking for help to spread the word. "And she said, 'Can we post these on your door?,' and we said not only can you tape them here, you can tape them at our 28 branches in 16 cities. What better way to get out the word then by putting them on all our drive-thrus and ATMs," said Moore.

Meanwhile the sheriff's department has compiled a list of people to interview. "We're not to the point where we've made any big breakthroughs, but we've got a lot of leg work in front of us," said Chief Deputy Paul Scarborough.

Outside Joanna's home, yellow ribbons nest in the trees. Friends from church tying on symbols of hope with one condition. "The caveat is that when she comes home the ribbons will be changed to white," smiled Kathy Rogers.

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