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New concern about popular prescription Z-Pak

There is a new concern about a popular prescription, but that doesn't mean you need to panic if you're on the Z-Pak. A new study in the New England of Journal of Medicine suggests the drug could be dangerous if used by certain patients.

The study comes from Vanderbilt where researchers looked at the records of thousands of Medicaid patients, over a 14 year period. They found a two and a half percent greater risk of death among those with serious heart disease while using the Z-Pak.  That was compared to some other antibiotic or nothing at all.

It is a concern for patients with serious heart disease, but Dr. Mitchell Brooks says we need to keep this in perspective.  "Number one, I would say calm down.  The numbers are not that great they are rare greater chance of having something happen to you if you get in your car this evening."

Dr. Brooks says the Z-Pak continues to be a huge benefit to millions.  After this study, he says doctors will likely find another option when treating patients with serious heart disease.

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