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HealthWise at 5 From 5.12

  • Chlamydia

Four out of every 100 young adults in this country is carrying a sexually transmitted disease that could affect their fertility. The report in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at Chlamydia rates in the 18 to 25 age group. Chlamydia increases susceptibility to HIV in both sexes but in women, it also increases the risk of infertility, ectopic pregnancy and pelvic inflammatory disease. Studies in men indicate it may also impact their fertility as well. Most of the time, there are no symptoms for Chlamydia, the good news is it can be diagnosed with a urine test and easily treated with antibiotics. More importantly, it can be prevented simply by using condoms.

  • Asthma Ears

If you've got a little one who suffers with chronic ear infections you might want to keep an eye on his lungs. New research is linking recurrent ear infections in young children with an increased risk of asthma. The study of more than 7,000 children from age two to eleven finds those who had three or more ear infections were twice as likely to develop asthma than the kids without researchers are looking at the possibility that the antibiotics used to treat most ear infections increase the risk. The study was conducted by researchers at the division of epidemiology and bio statistics, School of Public Health, at the University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Helmet Study

Most American children are making a potentially deadly mistake every day. A survey of nearly 8,000 children in 46 states reveals that fewer than half are wearing helmets while biking, skating or riding scooters. The non-profit group "Safe Kids" says 134 children ages 14 and under died from injuries sustained in bicycle crashes in 2001. And that a fall from as little as two feet can cause a skull fracture. Another problem, the group says that even among the kids who are wearing helmets. There are unnecessary injuries because nearly a third of them are wearing their helmets improperly.

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