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Gas Prices Force Consumers to Downsize

Lubbock drivers are feeling the pinch as gas prices approach the $2 mark, and with news of even higher prices to come, folks are looking for ways to cut costs and car dealers are looking to capitalize.

Texas Gas Prices
Are you paying too much at the pump? Take a look at what others prices are for the entire state of Texas. (Numbers are updated daily.)

Gas prices are reaching record highs. At Bolton's unleaded gas is $1.84 a gallon, one of the lowest prices in town. So all day long drivers line up, to save a few cents at the pumps. Especially those driving the ever so popular gas guzzling SUV's and pick up trucks.

"It cost me between $45 and $50 to fill this SUV up and I think its ridiculous."

"Nowadays it takes probably about $55 to $60 to fill up this big tank on this thing and its just getting to out of hand."

Gas Mileage vs. Performance
Fuel economy vs. performance to get you the most every time you fill up!

So some drivers are taking things into their own hands, trading in their SUV's, for more fuel efficient vehicles. "What we're seeing of course is an interest in downsizing. With gas prices moving up to all time record highs everybody's having to take a look at it. You go out fill up your car and your in shock. So we're moving people out of SUV's into smaller sedan type vehicles," said Tom Stathos, Sales Manager at Frank Brown Honda.

Stathos says their sales are up and he attributes it to the high gasoline prices.

Over at Gene Messer Toyota, it's a similar situation. General Manager Larry Williams says their used lot is full of trucks and SUV's. "We're seeing a lot of people going back into Sedans and making changes in their lifestyle because the have to, the price of gas is forcing that."

Dealers are also offering other incentives to defray the cost of gas. At Gene Messer Toyota, you can get a free year's supply of gas with the purchase of a new vehicle, through the end of the month. And just to put it in perspective, it costs about $40 dollars to fill up a large SUV these days, and dealers say a Camry or Honda will fill up for $20.

Regular tune-ups and oil changes can help you maximize your vehicle's gas mileage. You can find more energy-wise tips for your vehicle if you (click here).

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