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Senior prank at Smyer High School postpones 11 diplomas


11 seniors at Smyer High School will be graduating with blank diplomas on Friday evening.

These seniors will not be receiving their true diplomas with the rest of their graduating class after they were caught breaking into the school and zip-tying all entrances to the building on Monday night. It was a Senior prank.

"They zip-tied all entrances to the building so that the doors could not open from either side, except for one, " Principal Bruce Cunningham said. "They would have still needed to exit the building themselves."

Cunningham is always one of the first people to arrive at Smyer High School, but was surprised when he could not enter the building. After finding the open door, he entered to see that they had not only fastened the outer doors, but also all of the entrances to other mains parts of the building and all the Junior High and High School lockers. Each high school locker had also been wrapped in cellophane and tape.

When asked who cut off all the ties, he indicated that as he was one of the first to arrive, he cut most of them himself. When the head of maintenance arrived, they worked together to finish the job.

Despite the prank, Principal Cunningham is allowing the students to walk the stage at their graduation. There will be 24 students graduating on Friday.

"They are all good kids," said Cunningham, "But they will not be receiving their diplomas until after Tuesday."

On Tuesday they will each complete a full day of community service doing various works around the school grounds.

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