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Maintenance workers who discovered human remains speak out


Two maintenance workers at the Chaparral Apartment Complex discovered the remains of Scott Dunn on Friday.

Gilbert Mesa said it was just a normal day, but when he discovered the bones everything changed. He said he had never seen anything like that in his life.

Mesa was working in the maintenance alley when he unearthed something plastic.

"At first I saw plastic, I tried to uncover it with a trowel and I pulled the dirt up. When I pulled up the plastic, I saw some kind of bones," Mesa said.

He quickly called his partner Bobby Hinkle and told him that he had seen something strange. Mesa hoped it was animal bones.

Hinkle says he knew it was Dunn the second he arrived.

"The bag and the debris and when he pulled it back I saw the leg bones of human remains,"

Both Hinkle and Mesa had known about the 1991 murder in apartment B4 and they called the police immediately.

"I knew it. It was too close, too old and too much time had passed," Hinkle said.

Hinkle says he's happy the family can finally lay their son to rest.

"I'm really hoping they can get some closure. It's sure got to help them a lot," Hinkle said.

The remains of Scott Dunn were found just four doors down from where the murder took place. The family is expected to receive the bones for a proper burial soon.

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